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Petra de Bruijn and Jan H/Netherlands 07/10/12 14:38     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     
The small town of Avanos is almost not touristic at all, rather quiet, which gives you the opportunity to get into contact with the local inhabitants. The village centre is at the north side of the river, at a walking distance of hotel Adanos Konuk Evi, and the bulk tourists are led to tourist traps at the south side of the village. There are many shops in the centre, however, and you pay a fixed, fair price. You can buy anything you need. The inhabitants are very friendly and most of them are not spoiled by mass tourism. At Fridays there is a weekly market, which the locals call “bazaar”, at the south side of the stone bridge. Don’t forget to visit the free entrance local museum (“Avanosum”) of Muko Tokmak, who is a collector of anything that is old. He also can recommend you the real ceramic craft workshops, where the pieces of art are made that are sold in the shops in Göreme.
There are many supermarkets supplying daily needs. Don’t go, however, to the supermarket at the roundabout immediately at the north side of the stone bridge if you like hygiene. An uninterested man, who knows that his shop is at a strategic point, takes your bread with his bare hands, lays it on a dirty counter and puts it in one bag together with dusty tins and other things you buy there. Probably all the other food there is handled in the same manner. On the road between the hotel and the stone bridge or slightly further in the village centre at the north of the wooden pedestrians bridge you’ll find many shops with friendly keepers, who respect their customers and where you can pick your bread yourself and put it in a separate bag.
A middle-aged couple from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, visiti


Petra de Bruijn and Jan H/Netherlands 07/10/12 14:41     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Hotel Adanos Konuk Evy is a cosy, spacious hotel with four rooms/apartments that differ in size and quality. It’s run by a mother (Fatoş) and a daughter (Nazlim). They provide a warm, domesticated atmosphere. Breakfast is very good and more than sufficient. Delicious Turkish specialities and jams are served, home-made by the mother. The daughter speaks good English, visits an excellent hairdresser by the way, and has a vivacious dog. She cared for us when we needed a doctor and a dentist, accompanied us and she acted as an interpreter.
We stayed for nine nights at the room Ürgüp. This is a very spacious, tastefully decorated apartment with cooking facility and refrigerator. It is very suitable for a stay of more than a few nights. The living room is about 30 sqm, the bedroom is about 12 sqm and the bathroom is about 12 sqm. The bed is comfortable and suitable for tall people from North-Western Europe. There is heating, which we didn’t use, and a powerful, adequate air conditioning. The shower, however, gives only little warm water. The spacious balcony of about 10 sqm provides an excellent view over the Göreme natural park up to the town of Uҫhisar, with nice views of the hot-air balloons at sunrise and sunset. The other apartments are smaller, have no view or balcony but patio terraces.
The hotel is situated ideally if you want to visit more of the Cappadocia region and want to stay somewhat longer, say one or two weeks. The whole region is an open air museum and it is worth wile to stay longer than one or two days and/or if you don’t want to stay in a tourist trap.
A middle-aged couple from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, visiting October 2012.